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Trevor’s Companion Cookbook – “Feeling FAB”

Meet Trevor.

In a world of Celebrity Chefs, Masterchefs, diet me this and supplement me that – our Trev keeps things pretty simple. Trevor loves his food and indulging in too much of the not so good stuff has gotten him a bit of a tum. He looks for easy ways to add something nutritious to the food he really loves to eat, and he does it without breaking the bank. With the great green stuff though, he’s turning it around he is ready to share his discovery with everyone.

Trevor’s goto foodie fav is sprouts.

When we asked people why they didn’t eat more sprouts, the number one reason was they didn’t know how to use or cook them. This is where Trevor is here to help.

Trevor is now smashing his sprouts and soon, you will be too!

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Trevor Smashes his Sprouts

Feelin’ FAB… (not FLAB)

Trevor’s Back!

Trevor still loves his food. He’s still smashing his sprouts and he’s still keeping things simple. He’s also enjoying the chance to share his healthy ‘wins’ with everyone. Since the launch of his first cookbook lot’s of people have discovered the flavour, convenience and health benefits of Aussie Sprouts for the first time – we want to keep that going.

Since he started making healthier choices with the food he eats everyday, Trevor’s feelin’ pretty FAB…(not FLAB) and that’s a place he wants everyone to go!  And so, we thought it might be about time that Trevor shared some more fresh & fabulous recipe ideas with everyone.

In compiling Trevor’s FEELIN’ FAB Cookbook we enlisted the help of celebrated Food Nutritionist Fiona Tuck. Fiona’s expertise and advice ensured that Trevor’s FAB new recipe ideas also feature the SUPER SPROUT of the Aussie Sprout family – Broccoli Sprouts.

From a cracking Mexican Street Corn Salad, yumo Broccoli Sprout Poppers and a must-try Aussie Sprouts Green Smoothie, Trevor’s got your covered. Easy. delicious, affordable. Thanks Fiona, and thank you for giving our latest recipe ideas a crack!

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Fiona Tuck

We are delighted to have the contribution and support of food nutritionist Fiona Tuck on this, our second Aussie Sprouts Cookbook. Fiona has over 25 years of experience in the wellness and skincare industry and is widely known as the ‘myth buster’ of the nutrition world.

Fiona’s mission is to help everyone to live a healthier, happier life by providing trusted professional nutritional advice without any hidden marketing scams or biased opinions.

Fiona’s no-nonsense approach to health and well-being compliments the Aussie Sprout brand (and Trevor) perfectly. Her ability to confirm and articulate the benefits of adding sprouts and, particularly Broccoli Sprouts to any diet is vital if we are to achieve our goal of creating awareness and engagement with this very special ‘green’.

Thanks to Fiona, you will find that all of the recipes in Trevor’s Feelin’ FAB cookbook are easy to prepare, taste absolutely delicious and are carefully designed to boost your nutrient intake.

Job done!

You can join the Fiona Tuck nutritional community @fionatucknutrition

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Trevor’s Original Cookbook – “Smashing Sprouts”